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Monday, June 12, 2017

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One of the books we are reading together in our homeschooling is Trial and Triumph, a book about stories from church history.

My son also told me that this is his favorite book among all the others.

Few week ago, we read about the story of Blandina and some other Christians who were in prison. Blandina faced the snapping jaws of wild beasts rather than renouncing Christ.

Sharing with you some excerpts from the story....

Then the governor summoned Sanctus, a deacon of the church, from the crowd in the arena and asked,
"What is your name?" "I am a Christian," Sanctus answered.
"Where were you born?" asked the governor. "I am a Christian," Sanctus said.
"Are you slave or free?" "I am a Christian," Sanctus answered.
The soldiers started to whip and beat him, but still his answer to every question remained: "I am a Christian." The enraged governor ordered his body crushed between two red-hot copper plates. He died standing firm in his faith.

While reading the heartbreaking story my voice started to break and tears started to flow. After reading few lines again Kyle was also crying with me it touched our hearrs and felt how painful their suffering was. Our eyes were opened that there were early Christians who were persecuted but still stood with their faith and with Christ, while we are here having the freedom to proclaim our faith but we are not diligent in sharing the gospel and in talking about Jesus.

Oftentimes we have people around us that God gave and opened the opportunity to share the gospel but we say no to that privilege of being part of His harvest. We are saying no to God's invitation.

But these early Christians responded boldly and courageously in giving glory to God through their pain and suffering and through their lives.

These stories inspired us and made a mark in our hearts. God protected Blandina from the animals and through her life God was glorified.

When we answered God's call in our family to homeschool we thought we are only building the character of our children.

What we did not know is... it also God's way in allowing us to know The Savior more and more.

All Praise and Glory to God!